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Psycho For Love: Edward Glen Wolsieffer strangled his wife, Betty Wolsieffer; Sentenced to 20 years in prison


Betty Tasker Wolsieffer
Betty Tasker Wolsieffer

Find-A-Grave: Betty Tasker Wolsieffer
Murder at 75 Birch (very good site)
Dentist charged in killing of wife
A Strangled Wife – And A Tangled Case Grips A Town
Murder imitates art in case of dentist (part 1)
Murder (part 2)
Weather takes the witness stand
Penna. Dentist Is Found Guilty Of Wife’s Murder
Wolsieffer admits to killing wife (to be paroled after admitting he killed her)
Convicted killer gets his parole
Will Glen Wolsieffer Ever Tell The Truth

Murder at 75 Birch
Crime Buff’s Guide to Outlaw Pennsylvania

Murder at 75 Birch
Handsome Devils: The Deadly Dentist
Forensic Files: Dew Process

Edward Glen Wolsieffer
Edward Glen Wolsieffer

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Monsters Among Us: John Williams Branden


Kate Jewel and Turid Bentley

Kate Jewel (survived)
Turid ‘Turi’ Bentley, 66
Randall Nozawa, 48 (survived) [no picture]

Turid ‘Turi’ Bentley
Couple found dead in Gig Harbor home
Couple found dead in Gig Harbor house
Murder-suicide shrouded in mystery
Gig Harbor killer wanted in Oregon
Murder-suicide investigation takes bizarre turn
Gig Harbor murder-suicide case takes strange turn
Woman In Hiding Speaks Out
Ann Rule’s latest features Orcas resident

Mortal Danger (Ann Rule’s Crime Files Book 13)

Handsome Devils: The Abusive Charmer

John Williams Branden
John Williams Branden

Monsters Among Us: Robert John Bardo shot and killed actress Rebecca Schaeffer after stalking her for 3 years; Sentenced to LWOP

Rebecca Schaeffer
Rebecca Schaeffer

Find-A-Grave: Rebecca Schaeffer
IMDb: Rebecca Schaeffer
Rebecca Schaeffer says co-star really like big sister
Actress Rebecca Schaeffer Fatally Shot at Apartment
Rebecca Schaeffer, ‘My Sister Sam’ star, slain in LA
Slain actress Schaeffer buried in hometown
Actress’ parents say suspect wrote to daughter
‘Obsessed fan’ in Tucson arrested for murder
Murder suspect seemed as determined as victim
‘Obsessive Fan’ Charged in Murder of Actress
Neighbors recall bizarre acts by min linked to slaying
Accused: Still loves murdered actress
Fan Convicted of Murder in Actress’ Slaying
Man Who Killed TV Actress Gets Life Without Parole
Actress’ slayer sentenced to life
Obsessed Fan Gets Life For Murder of Actress
crimelibrary: Stalkers: The Psychological Terrorist
Murderpedia: Robert John Bardo
Wikipedia: Rebecca Schaeffer
Wikipedia: Robert John Bardo
Rebecca Schaeffer’s murder helped boost protection for stars
Haunted by fear of a stalaker

Dead On Arrival: Fatal Obsession



CDCR#: H21272
Age: 44
Admission Date: 01/15/1992
Current Location: Ironwood
19005 Wiley’s Well Road
Blythe, CA 92225
(760) 921-3000

Parents Gone Wild! Jordan Rittenhouse charged with extreme child abuse, leaving his 2-month-old son with 29 broken bones

Say NO to Child Abuse

Baby Son of Navy Sailor Had 29 Bone Fractures
2-Month-Old Had 29 Fractures; Father Arraigned In Assault
Baby had approximately 29 broken bones
Connecticut sailor leaves 2-month-old son with 29 bone fractures, near death: prosecutor
Navy Sailor Accused of Abusing, Gravely Injuring 2-Month-Old Son
Baby Son of Navy Sailor Had 29 Bone Fractures
Vigil Planned for Abused Groton 2-Month-Old Baby

Jordan Rittenhouse
Jordan Rittenhouse

Monsters Among Us: Angel Lizandro Sanches-Zenteno charged with capital murder for the death of his 5-year-old cousin, Katherine Alejandra Gonzalez

Sontero Palms
Sontero Palms Apartments

Dallas police arrest cousin for murder of missing 5-year-old girl
Dallas Police Investigate Murder of 5-Year-Old Girl
DPD: Cousin arrested in strangulation death of 5-year-old girl
Dallas Police Arrest 17-Year-Old Cousin For Young Girl’s Murder
Teen cousin arrested for 5-year-old’s murder
Cops: Dallas teen killed 5-year-old cousin, dumped body
Murder Arrest: DPD Arrests 17 yo for Murder of Little Girl
Found Deceased TX – 5 Year Old Kathrine Alejandra Gonzalez , of Dallas, 31 August 2014

Angel Sanches-Zenteno
Angel Lizandro Sanches-Zenteno

Psycho For Love: Benjamin Daniel Klinger suffocated his girlfriend, Samantha “Sammi” Heller when she did not die during a deliberate car crash


Samantha Heller
Sammi Heller

Police: 19-year-old Elizabethtown man crashed his car to kill girlfriend
Man suffocated girlfriend after she survived 100mph crash
Police: Man intentionally crashed car to kill 17-year-old girlfriend in Lancaster County
More details released in death of teen allegedly smothered by boyfriend
Pennsylvania man suffocated girlfriend who survived intentional crash: report
Ben Klinger admits killing 17-year-old girlfriend, gets 28-to-56 year sentence

Benjamin Klinger
Benjamin Klinger

Monsters Among Us: William Jewett Jr raped and killed 17-year-old Jennifer Mullin; Sentenced to life in prison

From William Jewett Jr appeal:

remembering the victimsOn January 30, 1993, the body of a seventeen year old woman was discovered in a wooded area in Rockland. A Superior Court jury convicted the defendant, William C. Jewett, Jr., the last known person to have seen the victim alive, of her rape and murder in the first degree by deliberate premeditation. On appeal, the defendant claims that the prosecutor acted improperly by not disclosing material evidence to the jury, that his trial counsel rendered ineffective assistance, and that the prosecutor offered false and deceptive evidence to the grand jury. The defendant also argues that the motion judge (who was not the trial judge) abused her discretion by denying his motion for a new trial without holding an evidentiary hearing. Finally, the defendant asserts that three errors — improper expert opinion on sexual assault, lack of an accident instruction, and admission of prejudicial bad acts evidence — none of which was objected to at trial or raised in the motion for a new trial, created a substantial likelihood of a miscarriage of justice mandating exercise of our authority under G. L. c. 278, § 33E, to order a new trial. We affirm the convictions of murder in the first degree and rape, and decline to exercise our power under G. L. c. 278, § 33E.

We summarize the facts in their light most favorable to the Commonwealth, reserving certain details for discussion in connection with the issues raised. The defendant and the victim had known each other socially for a number of years, but had never been romantically involved. On the evening of January 29, 1993, they both attended a party at a mutual friend’s apartment in Weymouth. Sometime before 1 A.M. on January 30, 1993, as the last guests were leaving the party, the defendant said he would drive the victim home. The defendant’s automobile, which was seventeen years old and unregistered, would not start, so a friend in a truck used jumper cables to start it. The automobile was running very noisily and backfiring,
so the friend followed it for a short distance in his truck. The two vehicles parted ways in a parking lot after the defendant said the automobile was fine.

The victim had a 12:30 A.M. curfew. When she failed to arrive home by 1 A.M., her mother telephoned the apartment where the party had been held. By morning, both of the victim’s parents and some of her friends began looking for her in the neighborhood. After learning that the victim had left the party with the defendant, the victim’s father telephoned him. The defendant told him that he had dropped the victim off at the end of her street at about 12:30 A.M., because she wanted to finish her beer before going home.

Later that afternoon, while investigating what looked like a blue rag on his property, a resident of Turner Road in Rockland discovered the victim’s body lying partially covered by pine needles, twigs, and leaves in a wooded area. He telephoned the police. Dr. James Weiner, a State medical examiner, declared the victim dead at the scene and conducted a preliminary examination of the body. His examination revealed that the victim’s lipstick was not smeared, but her blouse was pulled off her left shoulder, and two buttons in the middle of the blouse had been torn off. Her pants were buttoned, but the zipper was open and broken. One leg of her pantyhose had been torn completely off, and one of her boots was missing. Her underwear and pantyhose were rolled up, and she appeared to have been redressed.

Commonwealth v William C Jewett Jr 2004 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Bloodlands: Runway Girl


Offender ID:W65623
Date of Birth:
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Old Colony Correctional Center (Medium Security)


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