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Parents Gone Wild! Kelsey Smith charged with the beating death of his stepdaughter, Jeida Torres, and the beating of her brother, Andrew Torres

DV 2014

Jeida Torres
Jeida Torres

Medical Examiner Rules Brooklyn Toddler’s Death A Homicide
Man Charged following Beating Death Of 3-Year-Old Jeida Torres In Brooklyn
Brooklyn girl, 3, beaten to death by mother’s 20-year-old boyfriend after going to bathroom in her pants: police
Stepfather charged in beating death of 3-year-old in Brooklyn apartment
Man Charged following Beating Death Of 3-Year-Old Jeida Torres In Brooklyn
Stepfather charged with second-degree murder in beating death 3-year-old girl
3-Year-Old Girl Beaten to Death by Her Stepdad, Police Say
Suspect in Brooklyn girl’s beating death had prior arrests
Suspect in girl’s beating death at Brooklyn homeless shelter had 15 prior arrests

Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith

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Monsters Among Us: Richard Allen Davis kidnapped and killed 12-year-old Polly Klaas; He was sentenced to death

Polly Klaas
Polly Hannah Klaas

Polly’s Story
Polly Klaas Foundation
Crime Library
The Criminal Life of Richard Allen Davis
Polly Klaas
Guilty verdict in Klaas murder
Killer of Polly Klaas sentenced to death
Murderpedia:Richard Allen Davis
Wikipedia: Murder of Polly Klaas
Polly Hannah Klaas: Wikipedia
Wikipedia: Richard Allen Davis
Richard Allen Davis – San Quentin State Prison
crimelibrary: The Killing of Polly Klaas
Authorities revisit 1973 ‘suicide’

Marlene Voris
Marlene Voris

Polly Klaas: The Murder of America’s Child
Who Killed Polly?: The True Story Behind the Abduction and Murder of Polly Klaas (Who Killed Polly?)

Free to Kill: The Polly Klaas Murder
Motives and Murder: Who took Polly Klaas?

RichardAllenDavis prison mug
Richard Allen Davis

Justin Cosby murder 5/18/2009 Cambridge, MA *Jabrai Jordan Copney was convicted of his murder, sentenced to LWOP*

Justin Cosby

Surviving Murder blog (Denise Cosby’s blog)
Police say Harvard killing was ‘drug rip’
NY man denies killing reputed dealer at Harvard
DA: Harvard holdup took deadly turn
Harlem man arrested in murder at Harvard is son of retired NYPD cop
Accused has had taste of success in music biz
Kirkland Trial Day 7: Blayn Jiggetts Says It Wasn’t Worth It
NYC Man Convicted In Fatal Harvard Shooting
Jabrai Jordan Copney Gets Life in Prison for Shooting at Harvard’s Kirkland House
Killer at Harvard Is Sentenced to Life
NYC Man Sentenced To Life For Harvard Dorm Murder
Ex-Harvard Student Brittany Smith Sentenced to Three Years in Prison
Mother of Justin Cosby, who was fatally shot in Harvard dorm, files suit against college
Manslaughter plea in 2009 Harvard shooting
Aquino Sentenced to 18 to 20 Years in Prison For Role in Kirkland Shooting
Last Kirkland Shooting Defendant Sentenced To 9 to 12 Years

Snapped: Killer Couples: Brittany Smith and Jabrai Copney

Jabrai Jordan Copney – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Brittany Smith – pled guilty, sentenced to 3 years in prison
Jason Aquino – pled guilty, sentenced to 18-20 years in prison
Blayn Jiggetts – pled guilty, sentenced to 9 to 12 years

Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith


Jabrai Copney

Offender Name: JABRAI J COPNEY
Offender ID:W98501
Date of Birth:
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:NCCI Gardner (Medium Security)


Jason Aquino

Offender Name: JASON AQUINO
Offender ID:W98567
Date of Birth:
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:MCI Norfolk (Medium Security)


Offender ID:W99443
Date of Birth:
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Old Colony Correctional Center (Medium Security)

Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen murder 10/22/1997 Kansas City, MO *Byron Case convicted of her murder; Sentenced to LWOP*

Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugenFrom Byron Case’s appeal: In the fall of 1997, Anastasia WitbolsFeugen (“Anastasia”) was shot and killed in Lincoln Cemetery, located between Independence and Kansas City. Her body was found on October 23, 1997, with a large gunshot wound to her face.   Anastasia was shot with either a rifle, shotgun, or high-powered handgun fired less than six inches away from her face.   If Anastasia’s head were upright when she was shot, the angle of the gun would have been slightly upward.   Anastasia was five feet, two inches tall.
Late in the evening of October 22, 1997, Anastasia had been riding in a car with Justin Bruton (“Justin”), her former fiancé, who had had an on-again, off-again relationship with Anastasia and who had broken off their engagement in the summer of 1997;  Justin’s friend, the defendant, Byron C. Case (“Case”), who is five feet, eight inches tall;  and Kelly Moffett (Kelly), Case’s then-girlfriend.   The day after Anastasia’s body was found, Case and Kelly gave a statement to the police in which they said:  On October 22, 1997, Justin, Kelly and Case picked Anastasia up at a Dairy Queen in Independence and drove to Washington Cemetery, which was across the street from Lincoln Cemetery.   The four left Washington Cemetery after the groundskeeper signaled to the four that they had to leave.   En route to Kansas City, the car stopped at the I-435 and Truman Road intersection and Anastasia jumped out, because she was upset with Justin.   Anastasia had asked Justin why he didn’t love her anymore, and Justin had said he didn’t know.   According to Case and Kelly’s statement, that was the last time they had seen or heard from Anastasia.

The next day, Justin killed himself with a shotgun.

For a long while, Kelly and Case’s version of events gelled.   Kelly repeated her initial statement to the police on November 20 and December 10, 1997, and on August 22 and August 25, 1998.   In July 1999, with his lawyer present and after being informally granted limited use immunity (the prosecutor agreed not to use Case’s statement unless Case knowingly provided false information to the police), Case did the same.

However, in March 2000, three years after her original statement to the police, Kelly-an admitted crack addict and alcoholic who was living in crackhouses, having been kicked out of her parents home-changed her story.   She called her mother from a crackhouse and said that she saw Justin kill Anastasia.   Sometime later, she told her father that it was Case who had killed Anastasia.   Then, while in drug rehabilitation, she told her counselor it was Justin.   Confronted by her mother, who said, “But Kelly you told your dad that [Case] killed Anastasia,” Kelly flip-flopped yet again, saying that Case had killed Anastasia.

Kelly eventually told the police, in September 2000, that Case was Anastasia’s killer. She told the police that she had seen Case shoot and kill Anastasia at Lincoln Cemetery.   Kelly made this statement to the police a few days after she learned that Case had moved to St. Louis and had attempted to end all contact with her, refusing to give her his new phone number and address.

At the urging of the police and after being granted transactional immunity pursuant to Section 491.205, Kelly agreed to phone Case and record her conversations with him.   On June 25 and June 27, 2001, she did this, using equipment supplied by the police.   In the June 5th conversation, which happened around 1:30 a.m., Kelly told Case, who was at his residence:

[The police have] called a bunch again.   They called while I was in re-hab, they showed up out here.   Yeah. I don’t understand, like seriously, what all went on or whatever, and I seriously, I hate to say this, but why, seriously, why did you have to kill her?   What was the whole fucking big deal?   Could you explain that to me?   Because I don’t get it.   Seriously.  Justin’s dead for no reason, she’s dead for no reason.   It’s just all fucked up. And for some reason they’re talking to me, because you won’t talk.   So I’m fucked. And it makes me look horrible because everybody already knows that I’m a fucking crack-head, that I’m a coke-head, that I’m an alcoholic and don’t remember shit. And if I tried to talk to them, nothing’s going to add up.   So, I mean if you could seriously explain to me as to why you actually felt the need to kill her, then that would really help me feel better about the whole fucking thing.   I mean, was there seriously any reason to all this?

Case responded by saying, “We shouldn’t talk about this.”   Kelly said, “Why?” Case then repeated, “probably because we shouldn’t talk about this.”

In the June 7th conversation, Kelly told Case: They’ve been calling me like every single day to come in, and I need to get the story straight and figure something out because they’ve literally been calling me every single day for the past week bugging me, like when can I come in, when can I come in, and if I can’t come in out there, they’ll come to me and all this stuff.  Case responded by saying, “I mean the only advice that I can give is start everything with I think, or the best I can remember is ․ there.”
Case was arrested and tried for murder in the first degree and armed criminal action.  

Find-A-Grave: Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen
Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen
Facebook: Keep Byron Case Behind Bars
State of Missouri v Byron Case 2004 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Cemetery Plot

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Betrayal and Regret


ByronCase prison mug

DOC Id 328416
Offender Name Byron Case
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 11/23/1978
Height/Weight 5’9″ / 142
Hair/Eyes Brown /Brown
Assigned Location Crossroads Correctional Center
Address 1115 East Pence Road, Cameron, MO 64429
Assigned Officer Phone Number (816) 632-2727
Sentence Summary Life +(life W/O Parole, Life CC)
Completed Offenses STEALING
Aliases Byron C Case; Byron Case; Byron Case

Deadly Wives: Tyshee Prokop had her husband, Spec Gary Thomas Prokop, killed for his military benefits and insurance

DV 2014

Spec Gary Thomas Prokop
Killeen woman accused of murdering husband pleads not guilty
Jcc Man Arrested On Charges Tied To Texas Killing
Killeen woman pleads guilty to murder, avoids death penalty
‘Prokop 5′ murder suspect pleads guilty to tampering with evidence

Deadly Women: To Have and To Kill

Tyshee Manik Prokop – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
Charles Edward Turnbull III – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Rodney Barfield – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years
Reuben James Salgado – pled guilty (tampering with evidence charge)
Jacob Luther Harris – pled guilty (to a conspiracy charge),


Tyshee Prokop

SID Number: 05599023
TDCJ Number: 01206918
Race: B
Gender: F
DOB: 1978-08-06
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: MOUNTAIN VIEW
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2032-04-23

Offense History
Offense Date: 1998-06-25
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2003-11-20
County: BELL
Case No.: 53,350
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99


SID Number: 05818220
TDCJ Number: 01207399
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1978-06-23
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: COFFIELD
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2032-04-23

Offense History
Offense Date: 1998-06-25
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2003-11-20
County: BELL
Case No.: 53,352
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99


SID Number: 05584586
TDCJ Number: 01207384
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1978-08-01
Maximum Sentence Date: 2027-04-23
Current Facility: SANDERS ESTES
Projected Release Date: 2027-04-23
Parole Eligibility Date: NOT AVAILABLE

Offense History
Offense Date: 1998-06-25
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2003-11-21
County: BELL
Case No.: 53,353
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 25-00-00

Deadly Wives: Kym Cano killed her husband, Francisco Cano, a California Highway Patrol officer; Sentenced to 40 years to life in prison

DV 2014

Francisco Cano

California Highway Patrol officer slain: Wife booked as suspect
Frantic 911 tape played in trial
Emotions High In Cano Trial
Kym Cano Case Declared A Mistrial
Prosecution Rests in Cano Murder Re-Trial
Testimony resumes in Kym Cano trial
Neujahr takes stand in Cano trial
Cano’s eldest daughter expected to testify as second trial winds down, prosecutor says
Cano testifies about her husband’s behavior but grilled under cross-examination
Cano disputes testimony of all her children
Kym Cano Found Guilty Of Second Degree Murder
Kym Cano draws 40-years-to-life sentence in husband’s death
Cano denied appeal in husbands murder

Deadly Women: To Have and To Kill


Kym Cano

CDCR: WA5683
Age: 45
Admission Date: 07/22/2010
Current Location: Women’s Institution
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880
(909) 597-1771

Deadly Wives: Gaile Owens had her husband, Ron Owens, killed with a tire iron; Sentenced to death, which was overturned; Released on parole 10/07/2011

DV 2014

Ron Owens

Police report
Woman ruled accessory in murder of husband
Murderpedia: Gaile Kirksey Owens
Murderpedia: Sidney Porterfield
Sidney Porterfield v State of Tennessee 2013
Bredesen commutes death sentence of Bartlett’s Gaile Owens
Former Death Row inmate Gaile Owens released
Former death row inmate Gaile Owens released on parole
Gaile Owens’ hitman dies on death row
Hit man for Gaile Owens dies on Tennessee’s death row
No Angel, No Devil

Deadly Women: To Have and To Kill

Owens and Porterfield

Gaile Owens – convicted, sentenced to death, commuted to life; Released on parole 10/07/2011
Sidney Porterfield -convicted, sentenced to death; Died on death row on 5/21/2014


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