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Monsters Among Us: Raul Garza killed his wife and her sister, then kidnapped a neighbor who survived

DV 2014

Veronica and Andrea

Veronica Serrano Rivera
Elisa Rivera (no picture)
Andrea Tafolla (survived)

Double Murder Suspect in Custody, On Suicide Watch
Raul Garza Kills Wife then Rapes and Murders her 12-Year-Old Sister
Families mourn slain sisters, suspect denied bond
Double homicide suspect raped, killed 12-year-old, sheriff says
Weslaco man avoids death penalty for wife, sister-in-law’s murders
Raul Garza pleads guilty and gets LWOP in 2009 TX cocaine-induced double homicide
South Texas Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing His Wife And Her Sister
Staying Alive: A Survivor’s Story

Surviving Evil: Coke Crazed Killer


Raul Garza

SID Number: 07314923
TDCJ Number: 01807111
Race: H
Gender: M
DOB: 1987-09-28
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Current Facility: ROBERTSON
Projected Release Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

Offense History
Offense Date: 2012-05-05
Sentence Date: 2012-08-15
Case No.: CR-2310-12-G
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 5555-55-55

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Update: Beverly Lyn Carter murder *Her body was located in a shallow grave; Suspect Arron Lewis has implicated a ‘second suspect’*

Beverly Carter
Beverly Carter

The Carter’s released two statements today, the latest one this afternoon, which reads:
“We’re so lost right now. Mom was the heart and rock of our family. A husband, two sons, two daughters-in-law, four grandchildren (and one on the way) have been robbed of their most significant source of joy on this earth. Her drive, spirit, and love of life and people were nothing short of incredible. We urge you not to be discouraged by the evil in this world. God is greater, and good always prevails. Bless you all.”

Earlier today, the family released this statement:
“We are devastated at the loss of our precious Beverly. There is now a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. Mr. Lewis robbed us of an amazing wife, loving mother and grandmother. Her grandkids will never get to the know the magnitude of her greatness. As we grieve, we thank law enforcement for their diligence in finding her, every person that aided in the search efforts, New Life Pentecostal Church, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, our community for their love and support, and for every prayer that has been spoken. We draw some comfort in knowing that she is now in the arms of Jesus. God bless you all.”

News Archive: Beverly Lyn Carter murder
Statement Released by Beverly Carter’s Family
Police: Body of missing Ark. real estate agent found
Body of missing Arkansas realtor found
Realtor’s body found in shallow grave; suspect charged with murder
Police Aren’t Seeking Second Suspect in Beverly Carter Murder
Suspect in Arkansas real estate agent slaying: ‘I just want this all over with’
‘She was a rich broker’: Suspect in murder of Arkansas realtor offers insight into motive

Aaron Lewis
Arron Lewis

News Archive: Beverly Lyn Carter murder

Beverly Carter
Beverly Carter

Missing Person: Beverly Carter from Little Rock, AR since 9/26/2014 *Police arrest suspect Aaron Carter in connection to her disappearance*
Update: Beverly Lyn Carter murder *Her body was located in a shallow grave; Suspect Arron Lewis has implicated a ‘second suspect’*

Aaron Lewis
Arron Lewis

Deadly Wives: Martha Acevedo charged with killing her husband, Jose Acevedo, with an apron


Woman allegedly admits to strangling husband with apron, according to affidavit
San Elizario woman allegedly uses apron to strangle husband
Police: Woman killed husband with apron
Affidavit: Woman, 61, strangled husband with apron in San Eli home
West Texas woman charged with killing husband

Martha Acevedo
Martha Acevedo

Deadly Wives: Verina Marie Childs killed her husband, Douglas Childs, during a hunting trip

Douglas ChildsFrom Verina Childs appeal: Verina and Doug Childs were members of a hunting club in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.  On November 22, 2009, just after daybreak, Danny Fly, a local hunter, noticed Doug Childs’s body lying in the edge of the woods. Fly had seen Doug’s truck earlier that morning but had heard no gunshot prior to finding the body.  Doug had received a single gunshot wound to the left side of his upper back. The projectile was fired by a Marlin 30/30 (“30/30”) hunting rifle that belonged to Verina.

Verina and Doug had left home just before daybreak to go hunting. Verina was carrying her 30/30, and shortly after arriving in the woods, she and Doug separated.  Verina later told the investigator that she had a stomach ache, so she sent Doug a text stating that she was going back to the house.  After using the restroom at home, she unloaded her rifle, removed her hunting clothes, and sent Doug a text stating that she was going to clean around the house.  Shortly thereafter, Tina Reed pounded on the door and asked Verina to come with her.  They went to the shooting scene and saw Doug’s body lying on the ground.

Deputy Commander Mahyar Netadj, following Verina’s consent to search, collected the rifle and several pieces of clothing from the house. Verina told Netadj that she had never fired the rifle but had unloaded it because she did not like to keep loaded guns in the house.  However, the other guns in the house all were loaded.   Lying next to the 30/30 was a gun-cleaning kit.

Verina Childs found guilty of killing husband during hunting trip
Childs convicted of murder, faces lifetime sentence
Oktibbeha County woman appeals conviction in shooting death
Woman appeals conviction in shooting death
Verina Childs v State of Mississippi 2013

Snapped: Verina Childs


Verina Childs

MDOC# 169370
Date of Birth 5/26/1972
Height 5′ 2”
Weight 115
Complexion LIGHT
Eye Color HAZEL
Hair Color BROWN
Entry Date 8/18/2011
Location CMCF
Location Change Date 9/24/2014 11:03:58 AM
Number of Sentences 1
Total Length LIFE

Offense 1
Sentence Length 1 LIFE
County of Conviction 1 OKTIBBEHA
Sentence Date 1

Monsters Among Us: Alton Nolen charged with killing Colleen Hufford and injuring another after being fired from Vaughan Foods; Faces the death penalty

Vaughn Foods victims

Colleen Hufford
Traci Johnson (survived

Colleen Hufford Beheading: Woman Killed in Grisly Oklahoma City Workplace Slaying
Woman fatally stabbed at Oklahoma food distribution plant
Police: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace
Woman Beheaded In Oklahoma By Muslim Convert
New details released in Moore warehouse attack
Learning more about the victim of a beheading at a Moore warehouse (video)
Oklahoma County reserve deputy heralded as ‘hero’ in warehouse attack
Beheading suspect was recently fired, Oklahoma police say
Oklahoma beheading suspect described as “a little odd”
Woman beheaded in Oklahoma attack was grandmother who just lost her home in tornado as it emerges attacker was let out of jail early
Police: Beheading suspect may have tried converting employees to Islam
Mosque congregation speaks out against Moore attack
Muslim convert ‘who beheaded colleague’ is charged with murder as it emerges he returned to Oklahoma food plant for ‘revenge’ after he was fired earlier that day for ‘not liking white people’

Alton Nolen
Alton Nolen

Monsters Among Us: Catherine Goins charged with killing Natalia Roberts for her newborn

Natalia Roberts
Natalia Roberts

Catoosa County sheriff says woman orchestrated murder to steal victim’s newborn
Police: Tennessee woman killed a mother to steal her baby
Sheriff: Woman lured, killed another woman to steal her children
Police: Mother of 3 killed by woman who wanted her baby
Tenn. woman accused of killing Ga. mom to steal her newborn
Suspect charged in death of mother to take her baby will not request bond
Woman accused of murdering mom of 3 cries during bond hearing
Mother says Catherine Goins approached her and baby with clothes

Catherine Joann Goins
Catherine Joann Goins


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