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Devin Darnell Thompson (Devin Moore) Rampage: Three people dead, including two police officers and a dispatcher, leads to death row

Moore rampage victims

Cpl. James Crump
Officer Arnold Gunther Strickland
Dispatcher Leslie “Ace” Mealer

Devin Moore was born Devin Darnell Thompson

Officer Down Memorial Page: Officer Arnold Gunther Strickland
Officer Down Memorial Page: Corporal James Eddie Crump
Teenager faces arraignment for fatal shooting of officers
Teen Charged In Ala. Cops Shooting
Trial begins today
Moore’s defense is dealt a setback
In Fayette, tears for the victims and the killer
Killer Convicted, Despite GTA Insanity Defense
Killer blames Capital firm’s game for triple murder
Moore Gets The Death Penalty
Murderer gets death penalty
Murderpedia: David Moore
Fayette Co. marks 10 year anniversary of officers’ murders
Devin Darnell Thompson aka Devin Moore – Alabama Death Row
TV episode to recall 2003 Fayette murders

60 Minutes: Can A Video Game Lead To Murder?
Fatal Encounters: Game Over


DevinThompson prison

AIS: 00Z717
Sex: M
Race: B
Birth Year: 1985
Move To DR: 10/6/2005

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Who Killed Doris Angleton? Was it Robert Angleton? Or Was it Roger Angleton?

Doris Angleton
Doris Angleton

Suicide note won’t clear man in scheme
Suicide note confession doesn’t clear suspect
Judge may expand sentence of Angleton figure
Ex-bookie’s journal details trip before murder-for-hire trial
Lawyers want out of murder-for-hire
Jury deliberating in Houston case
Jury acquits wealthy bookmaker
Texas Confidential
Murder, She Testified
The Bookie’s Wife
Murderpedia: Roger Nicholas Angleton
Wikipedia: Doris Angleton
The Vanessa Leggett Saga

Death in Texas: A True Story of Marriage, Money, and Murder

Deadly Devotion: Bet Your Life
48 Hours: Texas Confidential

Psycho For Love: Kurtis Worley charged with killing his wife, Martha, after she filed for divorced and refused to have sex with him


Martha Worley
Martha Worley

Addison stabbing leaves woman dead
Source: Addison Woman Killed in Domestic Case
‘Loving’ mom dead after domestic incident in Addison
Kurtis Worley, Ill. man, fatally stabbed wife after she refused to have sex, police say
Prosecutors: Addison man ‘angry and jealous’ when he stabbed wife, stepson
Man Charged With Killing Wife After She Asked For Divorce, Refused To Have Sex
Prosecutors: Wife killed after refusing to have sex one last time
Addison man Kurtis Worley charged with murdering wife Martha Worley

Kurtis Worley
Kurtis Worley

Psycho For Love: John Wayne MacKay and his lover, Nicole Michelle Houchin, charged with the murder of his wife, Dana Patterson MacKay

MacKay home

Woman, 42, found dead inside Williamsburg home
Husband and mistress charged in wife’s homicide
Police: Husband, mistress charged in death of James City woman
Williamsburg man, girlfriend arrested in wife’s death
Fort Eustis soldier confesses to plotting with mistress to murder wife
John Mackay and Nicole Houchin Charged In 2013 VA Murder for Hire Plot in the slaying of Dana Mackay
Husband says wife’s death was a “fantasy”

MacKay and Houchin
John Wayne MacKay and Nicole Michelle Houchin

Murder In The Family: Richard Messina Sr and Sandra Cover were killed by Richard’s daughter, Tabitha Messina and her friend, Carlos Christopher

Messina and Cover
Richard Messina Sr and Sandra Cover

Ohio Pair Wanted for Double Homicide Arrested in Avery County
Ohio fugitives found in Avery
Police Charge Victim’s Daughter With Double Murder
Carlos Christopher Sentenced to LWOP in 2007 Ohio Double Murder
Prosecutor: Daughter pleads guilty in South Euclid murder of father
Lawyer, family plead for killer’s life; victim’s family not moved
Prosecutor: Daughter pleads guilty in South Euclid murder of father
Messina pleads guilty to South Euclid murders
Life in prison in dad’s murder
Tabitha Messina gets 60 years to life in prison
State of Ohio v Tabitha Messina 2009
Murderpedia: Tabitha Messina

Snapped: Killer Couples: Tabitha Messina and Carlos Christopher (Season 1 Episode 10)

Tabitha Messina – convicted, sentenced to 60 years to life
Carlos Christopher – convicted, sentenced to LWOP



Number: W073504 Inmate Photo
DOB: 10/26/1988
Gender: Female
Race: White
Admission Date: 10/31/2008
Institution: Dayton Correctional Institution

Offense Information
AGG MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 4
Committing County: Cuyahoga Admission Date: 10/31/2008 Degree of Felony: AM
AGG MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 4
Committing County: Cuyahoga Admission Date: 10/31/2008 Degree of Felony: AM
ROBBERY Counts: 1 ORC: 2911.02 4
Committing County: Cuyahoga Admission Date: 10/31/2008 Degree of Felony: Second

Sentence Information
Stated Prison Term: 5 years
Expiration Stated Term: 07/28/2067
Indefinite Sentence Min: 55 years
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: Life Sentence

Parole Hearing Information
Next Parole Board Hearing/Review Month: June 2067
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: FIRST HEARING


CarlosChristopher prison mug

Number: A550666 Inmate Photo
DOB: 12/31/1987
Gender: Male
Race: White
Admission Date: 06/05/2008
Institution: Mansfield Correctional Institution

Offense Information
AGG MURDER Counts: 4 ORC: 2903.01 4
Committing County: Cuyahoga Admission Date: 06/05/2008 Degree of Felony: AM
AGG ROBBERY Counts: 2 ORC: 2911.01 4
Committing County: Cuyahoga Admission Date: 06/05/2008 Degree of Felony: First
AGG BURGLARY Counts: 2 ORC: 2911.11 4
Committing County: Cuyahoga Admission Date: 06/05/2008 Degree of Felony: First

Sentence Information
Indefinite Sentence Min: Life Sentence
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: Life Sentence

This Day In Crime History: Mark O. Barton Rampage

remembering the victims

Leigh Ann Vandiver Barton, 27 [wife]
Matthew David Barton, 11 [son]
Mychelle Elizabeth Barton, 8 [daughter]
Allen Charles Tenenbaum, 48 [daytrader at All-Tech Investment Group]
Dean Delawalla, 52 [daytrader at All-Tech Investment Group]
Joseph J. Dessert, 60 [daytrader at All-Tech Investment Group]
Jamshid Havash, 45 [daytrader at All-Tech Investment Group]
Vadewattee Muralidhara, 44 [took class at All-Tech Investment Group]
Edward Quinn, 58 [daytrader at Momentum Securities]
Kevin Dial, 38 [Office Manager at Momentum Securities]
Russell J. Brown, 42 [daytrader at Momentum Securities]
Scott A. Webb, 30 [daytrader at Momentum Securities]
Debra Spivey [first wife, suspect in her murder]
Eloise Spivey [Debra’s mother, suspect in her murder]

Stock trader guns down nine people in Atlanta
Killer wanted to spare kids
Barton owed money to victims, shots not random
Georgia killer’s notes show a troubled man
Notes left with bodies
Killer Confessed in a Letter Spiked With Rage
Ga. Gunman Had Lost $105,000 In Day Trading Mark O. Barton’s Losses Occurred Over Less Than Two Months
District attorney defends handling of murder case
Mark O. Barton
Murderpedia: Mark Orrin Barton
Wikipedia: Mark O. Barton

Murder in the Office

Who The (Bleep)…:Nightmare on Piedmont Street

Mark Barton
Mark O. Barton

Parents Gone Wild! Jenifer Marie Sierra arrested after her 11-day-old baby was found dead in a motel room littered with drug paraphanalia

Say NO to Child Abuse

Jenifer Marie Sierra was not arrested for the death of her baby, but for outstanding warrants and felony child endangerment. There has to be an autopsy done before charges can be brought, if any. Depends on the results. But I expect to see a bunch, including child abuse, child endangerment, etc. She also had a 5-year-old boy in the room with all of the drugs (believed to be heroin), needles, etc.

Sheriff: Infant found dead in drug-filled Marysville hotel room
Infant Found Dead In Hotel Room With Needles, Drug Paraphernalia
Infant Found Dead, Drugs Found Throughout Hotel Room
Newborn found dead in Yuba County motel
Infant’s death, drug paraphernalia lead to Marysville woman’s arrest

Jenifer Marie Sierra
Jenifer Marie Sierra


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