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Katelyn Wolfe murder 6/6/2013 Bloomfield, IN *Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley charged with her murder*

Katelyn Wolfe
Katelyn Wolfe

Facebook: Remembering Katelyn Wolfe
Facebook: Katelyn Wolfe
Police: Katelyn Wolfe Murder Suspects Wanted to Know What It Felt Like to Kill
Katelyn Wolfe Update: Drug deal led to Ind. teen’s murder of “opportunity” by two best friends, affidavit alleges
Autopsy provides Linton police clues in Katelyn Wolfe’s death
Katelyn Wolfe homicide: Affidavit alleges men’s scheme
Suspects sent 19-year-old Katelyn Wolfe’s final Facebook post after killing her, police say
Murder suspects hijack victim’s Facebook page to throw off police
More Details Surrounding Katelyn Wolfe’s Murder
Linton murder suspects plead not guilty; Suspect’s father apologizes

Buskirk and Crosley
Jordan Buskirk and Randal Crosley

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Update: James Groat murder *Gregory Raymond Higgins convicted of his murder*

James Groat

News Archive: James Groat murder
Jury selection begins in Higgins murder trial
Nampa murder trial begins with alleged accomplice testifying
Defense says co-defendants can’t be trusted in murder trial
Jury set to begin deliberations in Lake Lowell murder
Jury will continue deliberating Lake Lowell murder case Thursday
Nampa man found guilty of murder
Higgins convicted of Lake Lowell murder
Murder victim’s family: He had the biggest heart
Nampa man found guilty of first-degree murder


Gregory Raymond Higgins Jr. – first degree murder, conspiracy, kidnapping – convicted
Christopher Michael Duran, 24 – first degree murder, conspiracy, kidnapping, grand theft; still waiting to go to trial
Cruz Flores, 21 – accessory to first degree murder – case sealed?

Psycho For Love: Conrad Mark Truman charged with killing his wife, Heidy Wagner Truman, for the insurance money


Heidy Truman
Heidy Wagner Truman

Conrad Mark Truman has been ordered to stand trial for the murder of his wife, Heidy Wagner Truman. His arraignment is set for Feb. 10, 2014.

Heidy Aline Truman obituary
Orem man arrested on suspicion of killing wife to claim insurance, police say
Utah Co. man charged with murder in wife’s death
In Orem, husband arrested on suspicion of killing his wife
Utah man charged with murdering his wife in 2012
Orem Man Arrested For Wife’s Murder
Judge orders Orem man to stand trial in wife’s death
Utah man accused of killing wife ordered to stand trial

| Courtesy Conrad Mark Truman, 31
Conrad Mark Truman

Psycho For Love: Nicole Hollinshead and Steven Wood had Debra Carne killed and burned

Debra Carne
Debra Carne

Women killed teenage love rival
Girl’s murder ‘was planned days before’
Women get life for burning love rival to death
Four jailed over murder of love rival
Women get life for turning love rival into human torch

Deadly Women: Malicious Hearts

4 Carne suspects

Nicole Hollinshead – convicted of conspiracy, sentenced to 5 years in prison
Steven Wood – convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 8 years in prison
Kerry Bauer – convicted, sentenced to 17 years to life in prison
Emma Last – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison

Serial Killer: Bertha Gifford

remembering the victims

Known Victims
Edward Brinley
Elmer Schamel
Lloyd Schamel

Bertha Gifford website
Bertha – Missouri’s female serial killer
Facebook: Tainted Legacy: The Story of Alleged Serial Killer Bertha Gifford
Dealt Out Death in the Guise of an Angel of Mercy
Suspect Woman Of Killing Nine
“Good Samaritan” Insane, Caused Deaths By Poison
Famous Female Serial Killers – Bertha Gifford
Murderpedia: Bertha Gifford
Wikipedia: Bertha Gifford
Find-A-Grave: Bertha Gifford

Tainted Legacy: The Story of Alleged Serial Killer Bertha Gifford

Deadly Women: Malicious Hearts

Bertha Gifford
Bertha Gifford

Roger G. Mansfield murder 7/9/2013 Fountain Run, KY *Kassey Russell charged with his murder*

remembering the victims

Roger G. Mansfield obituary
KSP: Murder victim cut, chopped to death
Update – Monroe County Homicide Investigation and Arrest
Man charged with murder in Fountain Run death; deceased identified
Man charged with murder in Monroe Co., KY death
Man Charged With Murder In Monroe County Case

Kassey Russell
Kassey Russell

Terri and Stacey Moulton killed while feeding their neighbor’s cats while he was on vacation *Dante Taylor charged with their murders*

Terri and Stacey Moulton
Terri and Stacey Moulton

Terri L. Moulton obituary
Stacey L. Moulton obituary
Mother and Daughter Murdered In Sodus
Mom Terri & Daughter Stacey Moulton Killed While Feeding Vacationing Neighbor’s Cats
New Information on Sodus Double Murder Posted on Facebook
Police: Slain women interrupted a burglary at neighbor’s home
Rochester man charged in connection with double homicide in Sodus
Rochester Man Arrested In Connection To Sodus Double Homicide
Police: City man on parole charged in Sodus double homicide
Arrest in death of 2 NY women in neighbor’s house
Police Make Arrest in Sodus Double Homicide

Dante Taylor
Dante Taylor


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