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Kids That Kill: Wendy Gardner & James Evans kill Elizabeth “Betty” Gardner, Wendy’s grandmother


Betty Gardner
Betty Gardner

Find-A-Grave: Elizabeth Betty Gardner
State police say Saugerties teens killed grandmother
Girl’s plans for revenge led to grandmother’s murder
‘Just Do It': Last Word Became Last Rites for Doomed Grandmother
Girl, 15, Guilty in Her Grandmother’s Killing
Woman convicted of murder of grandmother as 13-year-old is released from prison on parole
Killer at 13, parole try not far off
Parole Board viewed Evans as ‘danger … to society’

Kill Grandma for Me

Killer Kids: Family Killers
Deadly Women: Mean Teens

Gweneviere Wendy Gardner – convicted; sentenced to almost 8 years in prison (paroled 2004)
James Evans – convicted; sentenced to 9 years to life in prison (Will be paroled in January 2014, but this is unconfirmed)

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10 Responses

  1. James Evans has been moved from one prison to another. As of 2013 he IS still in custody and trying to get paroled, as he attempts every 2 years. Those closest to him say he hasn’t changed much. Has a conduct disorder, still obsessed with his past, he justifies taking a life, and they say it would be best for everyone if he never gets released.

  2. Hmm…as someone that is very close to him and his family I would disagree with the statement that he hasn’t changed much. In fact, I can’t think of anyone close to him that would say that. Who exactly is your informant, or did you make that up? You are also incorrect about the parole. He was granted parole in November and will be released in January 2014. Sorry to bust that bubble as well. Wait…not really. I’m quite happy for him :). You would also be incorrect to imply that his being moved from prison to prison is because of conduct. It happens for a variety of reasons. I am curious why you keep such a close eye on him. Who exactly are you to be smearing him anyway? I’m going to guess Wendy’s lover. Am I hot or cold?

    • Lovelylady,

      I am not certain as to who you are talking to. I am the blog owner, and I post on many, many cases like this. I am not out to smear anyone, and have no idea who Wendy’s lover is, nor do I care. I care about the victim, Elizabeth Gardner, who you never even bothered to mention. I have no “informant” and I never said anything about whether anyone has changed or not. If you got that from one of the links, then it is that place you need to ask about it. Grow up. No one has said anything horrible about either killer. But I, the blog owner, am upset that you did not even bother to mention Elizabeth and she is the one that needs to be remembered here. My focus is on the victim. If you can’t talk about her and a memory of her, then don’t bother.

      • I understand and apologize for any insensativity or disrespect towards the gardner family that may have come with my post. My response was actually directed at the previous comment/poster and not for you or the actual blog. I understand if you decide to take it down as it is not in the appropriate place for that type of conversation but it would probably be only fair to remove the previous poster’s comment (by dagnabbit) as well considering Betty is not the focus of that discussion (by dagnabbit) and it is insulting to me and to others.

    • He should stay locked up for killing that poor defenceless old lady

  3. Just watched the story about the Betty Gardner murder on Unusual Suspects on ID channel. How sad. Was that animal released this month? I doubt James will ever feel sorry for what he done.

  4. Just watched the story myself on ID channel in Scotland. If he was black he would never have been released in the US. But I beleive that people can change and he was very young.

  5. He was released and I fear he had a relationship with someone close to me. I hope she does not end up like Mrs. Gardner. My prayers to all involved

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