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58 Responses

  1. How on God’s green earth do 2 people commit a murder and 1 gets 6 1/2 years in jail and the other doesn’t even get charged? What is wrong with the state of Washington? Has it lost its mind?

    • If I was Dana Lasklowkis family I would have all kinds of lawsuits going. This is crazy! I cant even comprehend how her family dealt with that bs sentence. My heart goes out to her loved ones. That girl had a bucket list and one item was killing someone and getting away with it. Well she did. 6 1/2 years is nothing for taking someones life in cold blood.

    • i just saw the program about Dana’s murder on Investigative ID and am stunned, shocked and angry about that light sentence. what in the world is that? how could this be? you know Emily Lauenborg is a sociopath and will kill again, I have no doubt. I jsut don’t get it. She is free.

      • I agree. I just watched that same show and couldn’t believe it. Makes me sick. What the F*** is wrong with our system? I just can’t even believe it I don’t even know what to say except how PATHETIC the system really is. UNBELIEVABLE!! That’s too bad.

    • Typical liberal stuff in Washington State. Too many do-gooders there.

  2. yea.. I hope she gets what she GAVE.. she don’t deserve to be walking on this earth!

  3. emily lauenborg is apparently now married to someone named darren wickman and living happily ever after in north carolina. how does this evil murderous bitch get away with just 6 1/2 years in prison? i don’t know which is more sick-this lauenborg scum or a society that basically let her get away with it.

  4. And she only served 5.5 years…The story didn’t even address why she received such a ridiculously short sentence.

    • MrBill,

      This was all I could find on this. I find the sentence to be a huge injustice.

    • The judge felt sorry for her and bought into her story that she was in a drug induced “blackout” She is a sick person. She had the balls to sit up front with Danas family at the funeral……..who would do that if they had any sort or heart at all. She should be watched for the rest of her life as the next person whom she gets jealous of being cared for more then herself may find themselves just as Dana did.
      her true fate will be handed out by God.~~~Miss you bunches Dana <3

  5. Disgusting!! Rot in hell you putrid bitch. I hope a predator gets to someone you love. Even better you! What kind of disgusting LOSER would marry her? Oh that’s right…another waste of space convict that doesn’t deserve the same air we breathe. Someone call Dexter! She’s all yours Dex!

  6. Why did they change abbas name?
    emily’s friend…her name is amanda knott and she was dana’s step niece she took emily to danas house she told people for years she was stealing danas jelewry in danas room while emily murdered her but she was really with emily.. She took emily to danas funeral wearing her clothes and they where seen laughing together in the bathroom at the funeral…justice has not been done for dana. I knew amanda v

    • Also, Amandas mom was a very good mom and she was doted on by all; her mom is now raising her kids and she is still working at a strip club. Amana is the best liar I know

  7. If someone murdered my daughter and was released from jail so early, I would thank the God for this gift. I would add her to my bucket list exactly as she did. With the intention of never being caught. Then I’d go take care of this myself. I couldn’t live on this earth, knowing the monster that killed my daughter was enjoying living.

  8. She should’ve been sentenced to death for this I’m sorry to say. She didn’t give a shit that she killed a mother of 3 that took her in and was nice and friendly to her. She was glad she did it. If I was the judge at her trial id have stood at the window to ensure the needle went into her arm. She’s a disgusting excuse for a human being and justice was my served.

    • I agree with you Gina and with everyone else’s comments. I wish I knew why the girl only received 6 years for committing such a gruesome crime.

      • I am disgusted with this sentence I know someone who killed a mother of one while drunk driving and did twice as much time and was very remorseful. This Emily should have rotted in jail for the rest of her life. Our society should be ashamed at this absence of justice for Dana, her children and the rest of her family and friends. Tragedy through and through.

  9. i know the family. and it makes me so mad that they made the dad look so bad. he really did love her. and her three kids miss her so much.. and it makes me soooo mad that the stupid girl got away with it.

    • I found a wedding announcement on line from 2009 from the same Washington City. It looks like Emily’s new surname is now Wickman. Does anyone know if this IS the same person? How could you marry someone who has killed somebody else? So she gets to go on with her merry life. How nice! No justice!

    • I think Dana might have been a babysitter for me when she was a teenager do you know her maiden name I can’t find it anywhere and did she have a sister?
      Thank you

  10. What a horrible story. This is what I found:
    Love continues

    Emily Lauenborg and Darren Wickman repeated their wedding vows Sept. 27 on Camano Island, with Pastor Dan Sailer officiating. Their parents are Joyce and David Lauenborg of Puyallup, and Paula and Daniel Wickman of Camano. Angie Hamilton was matron of honor, and Douglas Wickman was best man. Ring bearer was Avrey Hamilton, and flower girls were Sierra and Savannah Wickman.

  11. I found the article above on http://www.scnews.com dated September 29, 2009

  12. Did anybody else notice that the #2 thing on her bucket list was “Sherm”?
    Sherm is street lingo for smoking PCP! (Originally Nat Sherman cigarettes were dipped in PCP and smoked).
    Well, now that she’s out I suppose she can get right on that..

  13. how exactly did Emily strangle Dana? did anyone know? did she use her hands or arms or something? I just can’t imagine a 17 year old is strong enough to strangle someone

    • Emily was a weight lifter and wrestler. She may have been high on PCP. She twisted Dana’s arm behind her back, forced her face down onto the sofa and strangled her. Dana’s niece either assisted or at least watched. She bragged about killing her to friends.Then she wore a blouse of Dana’s to her funeral as if it was a trophy. She is pure evil scum!

    • A 17 year old isn’t a child, physically she’s a full grown woman. My daughter’s were all their exact height’s and weight’s as they are now, as 29, 32 and 36 year old women/ They were crazy strong at 17, from all the physical activity they did, but their Daddy saw them, and probably still sees them as his little angel’s. I think that men don’t realize how strong most are.Especially if those men were born before the 1960′s. We were told not to act stronger than boy’s, because they found it unfeminine, and that was like a death sentence or a ticket to “old maidom”, but by the 1980′s thing’s had changed. It was ok to eat burger’s and fries, arm wrestle your boyfriend, and all his buddies, win, and he’d be proud!
      Oh, and the show said she’d been thought to have been strangled by a scarf

      • You’re right. I’m 5’1 and at my lightest weighed 125lbs. I’ve been called “Freakishly Strong”, and heard grown men say, “Damn, you’re a REALLY strong woman.” Size has very little to do with strength. I wrestled down my ex brother in law and he was twice my size. I think police and men specifically need to realize that MANY woman are much stronger than they look. It’s a shame. With strength like that she could have a nice career in many industrial jobs that pay well, instead she decided to kill an innocent woman.

  14. Wow – I thought she was nice. I was just working with her.

    • Yeah, that’s what Dana thought too, until Emily strangled her to death, so she could steal money and jewelry to get her drug fix and leaving Dana’s children without a mother. Emily should be in jail, not free to have her own children, after her horrendous criminal actions. Any misfortune that comes her way won’t be soon enough.

    • Where did you work with her? Where is she now?

  15. This is why I don’t trust teens, they can act so innocent, like a lost child, and then do something horrid to someone who has offered them love and support. Sociopath’s are really good at gaining sympathy, and this waste of space probably was the same way in prison. 6 years for stealing someone’s life? I hope that she come’s upon someone just like her, when she least expect’s it. Life has a way of giving back what’s given, and if she ever has a daughter, and that daughter find’s thing’s like this, I hope she run’s, changes her name and never look’s back.This is upsetting and wrong on so many levels!

  16. The ID show just aired and I was shocked to see the 6.5 year sentence for one girl and nothing for the other. I guess I wasn’t the only person that thought it was odd. I feel so sorry for the three children left without a mom and for her family members. .
    I know people that get a longer sentence for having pot or drinking and driving. I will never understand the justice system. As far has all the why’s and if’s in this case…. we may never know but God will sort it all out….it’s not up to me to judge anyone.

  17. If she wasnt across the country. id find the little bitch and choke her to DEATH.

  18. PS. She’s probably changed her name; hopefully the same people that run the “Watching…” websites (eg “Watching Karla Homolka”) can locate and observe her. The general public needs to be protected from antisocials like her. It would not surprise me whatsoever if she murdered again….who writes that in their diary?!

    • GCA,

      Regarding your other comment, please read my comment policy. I do not allow negative comments about the victim. Dana Laskowski did NOT deserve what happened to her at all. No matter how you try to justify it.

  19. Isn’t this the killer? I just saw the TV show tonight and was just curious as I’d not heard of this case before. Only 5.5 years for murder and leaving three children without their mother? Now THAT is a crime. Are we now providing the murderer with a free education?


    Emily Suzanne Lauenborg Wickman, right?

  20. WAS THIS JUDGE ON CRACK? SHE WILL MURDER AGAIN MORON! Hopefully it wont be YOUR family..Judge, what in the hell were you thinking?????????????????????????
    I don’t care if someone is on drugs and that’s why they killed, THEY KILLED! if you kill you should be killed

  21. How can you take a life and get 6.5 years? Does anyone think she will be an angel now that she’s served time? There is something wrong with a person that takes another persons life. Not in a crime of passion or war or self defense, but becUse she’s jealous? That person should be killed

  22. Milton Street, the brother of the former mayor of Philadelphia, was given 12 years for tax evasion. So taking a life is only half as bad as not paying Uncle Sam? This girl shouldn’t walk among us she shouldn’t be allowed to hear children and watch them grow up and get married. Dana didn’t get to see hers. If we would make the punishment fit the crime i guarantee the crime rate goes down. In a cut and dry case there’s nothing wrong with an eye for an eye. Or better yet find an island that we can just put people like this on. We air drop food and supplies and let them murder each other for it

  23. No one deserves this. I would like to say I am shocked by the sentence, but being from Washington state I am not surprised. Washington state is so lax on sentences it’s disgusting. I found Darren Wickman the supposed husband of Emily on facebook but it looks like he has moved on with someone else. I cannot find any info. on Emily, her family or Aba Kopf for that matter. I would be interested to know where this sociopath is now, it is very scary she is out there somewhere.

  24. This is insane. If I didn’t have a kid of my own to raise, I’m another freakishly strong bitch who’s worked in nut houses with criminals like her for over 20 years. I have a reputation for being tough. Now I would love to get my hands on someone who’s in need of a good serving of justice!

  25. How do you only get 6 1/2 yrs for killing some one what rotten prosecutors for giving her a plea deal what a bunch of crock…she will get hers one day for “you get what you give” so be very careful Emily for you will get yours one day….justice will find you.

  26. So I’m the pos that married her. Emily can truly be two different people. The one that I loved and the one that committed this crime. I’m glad I have moved on. She is truly a sick person. She got such a light sentence because there was little physical evidence to convict her. There is no reason for you people to be nameing my nieces and family members in your comments. They don’t even know what she did.

  27. OMG! You have got to be kidding me! Six years? For a murderer? How unsatisfying for Dana’s family.

  28. I wish I knew where this bitch Emily lives. I’d love to catch her and beat her within an inch of her pathetic little life. I’m a very strong woman so I have no doubt in my mind that I could thrash the sick little wench. 6 years is an injustice. That damn judge needs his head examined. The bitch should be rotting in jail and getting her a** whooped everyday by the other inmates. I just HOPE and PRAY for Dana’s family that they one day can find peace. May Dana and the good man above watch over them.

    • You don’t even know what happend, and you are so pissed off you send empty threats over the internet. I know her, and the picture they painted of her, is not her. A lot of it is BS. The fact stands, a woman tragically lost her life, and another one spent years in prison over a case with no concrete evidence. Why do you think the low end was 6 years?

      • Since u know her, give up her address so people dont have to make threats over the internet, they can make them to her face. Anyone who can defend a murderer, is as sick as the murderer. She only got such a low sentence because the justice system sucks. If she was a black man she would have gotten the book thrown at her.

        • …and there it is… the race card… race in this case is as irrelevant as your comments…

          Might I suggest that you refrain from spending your days sat at your computer and get outside in the fresh air… experience a bit of real life… not everything on the internet is true…

          • If she was a black man.. You act like she is the crazy one. Have fun with your fantasy. It seems the whole point is lost. You read something on the internet, and believe it because it is tailored for you to believe so. Emotionally invested in something beyond you.

  29. must say JamesR seems to be the voice of reason here. You others that live in the world of the old testament are no better than the mullahs that sentence women to official stoning. Shame on you! Nothing will bring Dana back!

  30. Whatever happened to Aba Kopf in this whole case and where is she now too??????

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